The Winemaker

Dedicated to an activity which he refuses to consider a job, but rather a mission and a duty towards Greece’s wine tradition and particularly that of his hometown, Drama, Iordanis Michaelidis has taken the reins in the Domaine envisioning wines of even greater quality and recognition, that will have a worthy place within the Greek and the international market.

Iordanis Michaelidis started paving his professional path in the Greek wine making business early on in 1992, when he decided that he would take over the family-owned vineyard, grown by his grandfather in Kyrgia, Drama, and instil a breath of fresh air in the cultivation of vines.

His interest and preoccupation with vines started many years before that, since as a child he would learn things from his grandfather, Kostas Semertzidis, and slowly begin to experiment, plant, taste and enjoy the fruits of his labour. Thus, his love for the vines continued to grow as he was growing into a man; and Iordanis Michaelidis would take over the valuable family heritance in the fullness of time.

Setting off his journey at his family roots, he moved on to plant and grow new vineyards deciding on Greek as well as international grape varieties such as Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Merlot, Cabernet, and others. He proceeded with his first experimental winemaking in 2005 and his dream and vision began to take shape.

Since then, Iordanis Michaelidis has always been engrossed in his vineyards and barrels where the wine ages, taking care of and respecting the winemaking process of supreme quality wines day by day.